We Empower Our Properties With Innovative Yet Proven Systems. 


Leverage Our Experience to

Attain Optimum Performance

Birch Lake Hospitality provides a comprehensive program for operations management, implementing systems, programs, and procedures to attain optimum performance and maximum value through a hands-on management approach. Birch Lake Hospitality works with its property managers on a daily basis with ongoing personal visits to each property to maintain consistency in its operations and guest service levels.  

Operational controls include:  


  • Negotiating expenditure pricing
  • Handling guest concerns
  • Personnel matters
  • Labor control reports
  • Security issues 
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Internal and external communications
  • Emergency response management 


Maximize Revenue Without

Compromising Guest Experience

Each property has its own niche in the market, and Birch Lake Hospitality will find the best ways to maximize growth based on each area's demographic of business. In addition to our own resources, we work with and optimize sales and marketing resources from franchised partnerships. Birch Lake Hospitality implements a revenue maximizing culture and belief system at each property, without compromising the quality of the guest experience. 

Sales & marketing controls include:


  • Overall marketing campaign strategy 
  • Brand development & integration
  • Advertising, media buys & tracking
  • Social & digital media strategy
  • Public relations
  • CRM program implementation 
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Website SEO; local and organic 


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